Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie: Made A New Record In Collection Without Changing Name

gangubai kathiawadi movie

Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s controversial film ‘GanguBai Kathiawadi Movie‘ was released without renaming it, which also set a new earnings record on the first day.

Prior to the release of the film, the Indian Supreme Court had advised the film crew to change the name of the film to ‘GanguBai Kathiawadi Movie‘ to avoid the ongoing lawsuits against them.

Presented movie from According to the Times of India, the Indian Supreme Court on February 25 also rejected the petition filed against blocking the release of ‘film’. The court also sought evidence against the petitioner, Babu Ji Rao Shah, to produce documents that show that he was adopted by GanguBai.

gangubai kathiawadi movie

Babu Ji Rao Shah had filed a petition in the Supreme Court against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, introducing himself as GanguBai adopted son.

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The film stars a woman who has been involved in prostitution and drug trafficking in the Indian city of Mumbai since the 1960s. The story of this film GanguBai Kathiawadi Movie revolves around the involvement of a prostitute in politics in a brothel and her story is taken from a book.

Her adopted son Babu Ji Rao Shah had filed a petition in the court against the film banning the screening of the film.

No, she was a social leader, but her mother is portrayed as a prostitute in the film, but the court rejected her request. However, the court had advised the filmmaker to change the name of the film to avoid legal action in other cases pending in other courts, but he did not do so and released the film on February 25.

According to the Indian Express, surprisingly, GanguBai Kathiawadi has already made record earnings of over Rs 100 million on the first day, which is the highest earnings of any Bollywood in a single day during the Corona era.

According to the report, analysts thought that Alia Bhatt film would earn a maximum of Rs 70 million, but surprisingly, the film earned Rs 105 million on the first day.

Not only that, GanguBai Kathiawadi became the first record-breaking film after the plague, while the last highest-grossing film released before the epidemic, ‘Raz’, also managed to surpass in earnings.