Coherence Movie Amazing Facts

Do you like movies that make it difficult to predict what will happen next? If you are surprised by the unexpected twist, you will like a 2013 coherence movie.


Yes, you will love Coherence movie, a very low-budget science fiction psychological thriller movie. In fact, you will not get bored watching this film many times.

Gather at a dinner party when a mysterious asteroid passes over the place. The film begins with tensions between friends, jokes, and other aspects and gradually everything becomes mysterious when the light goes out.

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On this occasion, 2 friends bring candles and several glue sticks, after which all the friends go out of the house with blue glue sticks. There they observe the passing of the planet and then when they return home they find broken glass.


To check this, 2 people walk around the house and when they come back, they get wounds on their faces while they have a box containing a ping pong pedal and pictures of all of them.

After this, some people start doubting where they are while others are worried about who they are and this film is about exposing their terrifying reality. Telling something beyond that will ruin the fun of watching the movie because what happens next will be enough to make your mind wander.

The film is very interesting but there are some very interesting facts behind it. It would be hard to believe that the budget of the film was only 50 thousand dollars while its shooting was completed in 5 days.

It is also surprising that the script of the film was not there, according to director James Ward Barclay, every day the actors are given notices according to their roles, such as their backstory or details of their intentions.

Since the actors did not know anything about the story, the tension in their acting was real. The coherence movie shooting team consisted of 5 people, 2 sound handlers, a director of photography, a director, and a producer.

The shooting of the film took place in the director’s own house and his pregnant wife was about to give birth to a child, but on the condition of completing the shooting in 5 days, she agreed to hand over the house.

One of the actresses who acted in the coherence movie thought that it was a comedy film and on the third day of shooting, she came to know that it was not like that but it was a science fiction thriller film.

During the filming, the actors were allowed to go wherever they wanted. The director did not say how the asteroid scene was filmed but did say it was a practical effect.